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How To Order Your Financially Distressed Homeowner Lead Credits

Click the 'Click To Buy Lead Credits' button below. You will be taken to the PayPal url Then simply add the number of credits you wish to purchase at the end of the url. Minimum Order Value is £50 [this will buy you 50 lead credits].

To order 50 Lead Credits just enter 50 at the end, your url will look like: .... If you want to buy 100 lead credits just enter 100 at the end, 150 lead credits just add 150 at the end etc etc. There is no maximum limit.

1 Lead Credit = £1.00 - 50% Launch Offer Discount [normally £2.00 per credit]

Once you have added the number of Lead Credits you wish you buy, click Enter. PayPal will send you to a payment button showing the amount you are about to spend which equals the number of Lead Credits you are buying.

Click Next to complete your payment through PayPal. As you do, a sentence will appear that says 'Add A Note' or 'Add A Note To The Seller', click those words. A message dialogue box will open up. Type in your chosen targeted postcode area along with the Name you wish to have us personalise your letters with. We are happy to use your real name, company name, pen name or a marketing name, whatever you choose. Then type in your real name, email address and mobile number so we can send your leads straight to you when they come in. Your callers will never be given your personal details.

Please ensure your chosen targeted postcode area is given in this format i.e: B14 2 or WC1X 5 and not just B14 or WC1X

As soon as your payment is confirmed, your postcode will be targeted through our database. Your lead letters will be designed, personalised, printed and posted within a couple of hours. Smart Property Leads operates 24/7/365.

Thank You for your custom. We look forward to handling and sending your financially distressed homeowner leads to you.

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